Sense-Feel- Understand-Try



If you sense and feel, that several things are going to pieces and you do not understand what is happening, then the tools of MathEthics are helpful for understanding the activities of social systems.

There is nearly always a didactic control concept behind that.

To learn to understand the most fundamental characteristics of a didactical and mathEthical control.


The learning path leads over personal reference points to the dimensions of CybernEthics and back to the concrete reality of life.


The first understanding of MathEthical control leads to concrete application areas of work and into social systems.











  1. Willingness to read the Self-will

  2. Willingness to communicate the Self-will

  3. Willingness towards continuation in social dimensions

  4. Willingness to take in other perspectives

  5. Willingness to try MathEthical control possibilities

Heinz Förster:

The internal relations are 100,000 times more real, meaningful and effective than the external perceptions.