The Transition Into A New Order


MathEthics is the future



1. You are the designer of the transition into a new order
2. You want to ensure the best development for the potentials of all participants
3. You believe that it makes sense to develop something WITH the participants
4. You want to make new qualities possible
5. You want to create a humane and sustainable workspace






MathEthics is learnable


If you are interested in MathEthics, there are several possibilities to get to know it:



1. Understand MathEthics
2. Try MathEthics
3. Practice MathEthics
4. Reflect on MathEthics

 Ilya Prigogine (Nobel Prize winner): “Creating structure, that is formation of order, is only possible ‘far away’ from the thermodynamic balance. Instabilities (self fluctuation or disturbances from the environment) are the engine of the development of systems - the transition into a new order.”