I Will Take/Give Time



  • I am ready to explore the entire new world of MathEthical control
  • I am ready to participate in the learning of ‘How-Does-It-Work’, so as to set my energies free for these freeing ideas
  • I am ready to connect my everyday experience with the perspectives of unfolding of human potentials
  • I am ready to enlarge my knowledge base
  • I am ready to practice different ways of MathEthical control and to try visions for my projects
  • I am ready to strive for new insights for the arrangement of a more humane world for me and for everyone
  • I am ready to transform my doubts in the constructive power of Didactics into new forms of life.











  • Sense – Obstinancy

  • Autopoiesis – Allopoiesis

  • Operational closeness

  • Structural coupling

  • Cognition – Volition – Tradition

  • Complexity

  • Ability to process

  • Trivial – Non-trivial systems

  • Encoding – Decoding

  • Cybernetics

  • Cybernetics second order

Heinz Förster:

Truth is the invention of a liar.