Recognizing Something as Something


 Despite big economic, scientific and politician reforms the development of our civilization is a constant topic of crisis. Our control concepts are obviously not suitable for us stet to adapt to our constantly changing social reality. Global challenges strike the center of our civilization, which is to create human development for human living conditions. The future of man and the continuity of the civil society are at risk.

The controlling concept responsible for the current state of the world is called Didactics (“die tactics”). It is the foundation of instruction.

In many areas of scientific discipline it has been noticed that ongoing fundamental changes are required in our society.

To change the way social systems are steered has been the goal of dedicated people for centuries and there is a solid knowledge base about this MathEthical control paradigms can provide a great potential for humanization and civilizing developments, because they tie to the basic needs of human societies to access resources, participation, recognition and self-efficacy.


MathEthics is knowledge about and attitude towards learning.


It is up to us to explore new shores with MathEthics.